Use a mild detergent to wash wool in the wool cycle in the washing machine.

Wash and care

Different materials require different treatment. With proper care you can enjoy your Pierre Robert clothing for years. 

Sorting is one of the cardinal rules of laundry. Read the washing instructions carefully and follow the recommendations for that particular garment. The washing instructions indicate the roughest treatment tolerated by the garment and are based on the fabric properties and treatment during production.

Sort by colour, washing temperature and recommended programme. Lights and darks should be washed separately, as should wools. The care label indicates the type of fibres used and can help you choose the right programme.

Nylon or polyamide are tougher than all other fibre materials and resist wear and tear more effectively. However, thin, fine nylon tights should be washed at 40 in a washing bag. Tights should airdry. Either hang them up or lay them flat to dry. Fabric softener that can reduce the static electricity often associated with nylon.

Wool can pile and shrink if treated roughly. To keep your wool garment for as long as possible, use your machine's wool cycle at 40 degrees C or less, and preferably at a low spin or no spin-dry at all. Choose a detergent that does not contain enzymes or bleach.

Do not tumble-dry wool; let it air -dry. Wool stretches easily when wet. Heavy garments should be hung at several points to distribute the weight and to avoid marks from clothes pegs. Very heavy garments should be dried flat. If the wool has shrunk, you can try stretching it when the garment is wet.

Wool does not need to be washed as frequently as other materials. Wool has antibacterial properties that inhibit odours, and it's often enough to air wool after each use, instead of washing it. Wool has antibacterial properties that inhibit odours, and it is enough to simply air it after use.

Silk is a delicate fibre, and we recommend washing by hand or using the appropriate cycle in the washing machine. Use a washing bag when washing silk in the machine, and be sure to use mild detergents. Silk should not be tumble-dried.

Our wool garments that contain a wool/silk blend can be washed as wool on the wool cycle.

Cotton clothes are comfortable, durable and easy to wash.

The maximum washing temperature for cotton is determined by the dye used to color the garment. White cotton can withstand temperatures of 60, but with today’s washing machines and detergents, 40 is usually enough. Pierre Robert underwear with patterns or colours should be washed at 40to prevent fading.

Microfibre is a thin synthetic fabric. It is compact, but at the same time soft, delicate and comfortable. Pierre Robert uses microfibre for sportswear and some underwear. Microfibre should be washed at 40 and without fabric softener. Fabric softener can affect the elasticity of the clothes.

Modal is made of cellulose fibre that provides excellent durability, softness and shine. We recommend machine washing at 40.


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