Illustration Choose the right underwear for your outfit. Wonderful 17 May by Pierre Robert

Wonderful 17 May

It’s what’s underneath that counts! Underwear affects the clothes you wear on the outside. You get the best results when you let your outfit and figure decide and choose the underwear last.

What should you wear?

BUNAD [Norwegian national costume]

Our national costumes are beautiful, but they are not known for being comfortable. Wearing the national costume for the whole day can be an ordeal and you should, therefore, steer clear of uncomfortable underwear.

National costumes are made of thick, heavy fabric, and the falls loosely over the hips. You don’t need to worry about visible panty line here… Choose comfortable cotton panties that stay in place without riding up. Having to adjust your underwear through the national costume just doesn’t look good! Go for a neutral bra which does not show through the shirt and does not pinch under a tight national costume vest.


You should always wear tights under the national costume. Some national costumes have rules on the use of colours and require, for example, red or white stockings. If you cannot find specific rules for your national costume, you should go for dark-coloured tights. Pierre Robert Limited Edition Smoke gives a softer look than conventional black tights.

According to tradition, national costume stockings must be thick, preferably wool, but even so, many people choose thinner denier. With the changing weather, you can dress in layers with thin tights underneath and supplement with warm Wool Collection Over-Knee that you can put on over the tights and take off as required.



Are you going to celebrate the national day in a dress? Shaping tights slim the stomach, waist and thighs while also lifting your bottom. Perfect for dresses with thin fabric that is tight around the hips. If the sun is shining and you want to bare your legs, you can replace the shaping tights with shaping shorts. The shorts provide the same effect but end well above the knees. If the dress is made of thin fabric, you should avoid thick panty lines that can show through your clothes. Pierre Robert Invisible Hipster is comfortable to wear and cannot be seen through your clothes, even thin summer dresses.

Pierre Robert shaping tights


You can follow the same guidelines for skirts as for dresses, but for skirts that are somewhat wide, it can be an idea to replace shaping tights or shorts with a Pierre Robert Shaping Top . The top holds in your stomach giving an elegant silhouette around the waist between the skirt and the top. Muffin top? No thanks!


If you choose one of this season’s trendy trouser suits or thin trousers for 17 May, it can be nice to have the bottom thighs slimmed. Pierre Robert Shaping Shorts have a smooth surface which makes the clothes sit well. The shorts slim and hide bulges and cellulite. Also remember Invisible Hipster to avoid visible panty line.

Pierre Robert Shaping Shorts

Bad weather forecast for the day?

Wool Collection Camisole in merino wool and silk and Wool Top with a V neck is thin enough to wear under national costume shirts, blouses and dresses and is warm and soft against the skin. You can also wear Wool Long Sleeve under the national costume shirt. Over-knee socks in merino wool sit well over a pair of tights and can be put on or taken off according to the weather.



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