Illustration: Pierre Robert Technical Baselayer – seamless technical baselayer.

Technical Baselayer clothing – Best in test for moisture transport

In an independent wicking test* conducted by the laboratory at UL Verification Services, Pierre Robert Technical Baselayer scored significantly higher than other leading suppliers of underwear.

Technical Baselayer clothing wicks away moisture up to 8 times better* than the leading competition. Technical Baselayer clothing features MaxDry® Technology, which quickly draws perspiration away from skin and distributes the moisture in the surface of the fabric. When distributed over a larger area, moisture will evaporate faster, helping to keep you dry. Baselayer clothing is also made of NILIT™ polyamide, unlike many other baselayer products that are made of polyester. NILIT™ polyamide maintains colour well, without fading. It's soft and stretchy, and does not lock in odours in the same way as polyester.

The *Wicking Test measures the spread of moisture on the garment’s surface. Performance is measured in cm moisture spread along the length and width of the fabric, after five minutes. When moisture is spread over a large area, it will evaporate and dry faster.


Pierre Robert technical Baselayer best-in-test illustration graph. Results measured against competitors.
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