By washing it in the right way, you can contribute to the sustainable use of your Pierre Robert garment.

Everyday sustainability

This is how you can ensure the optimal sustainable use of your Pierre Robert garment.

•    Wear your clothes more than once between washes. While underwear and socks should always be washed after use, most other garments can be worn several times before washing them. Wool does not need to be washed as often as clothes made from other materials. Wool has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties that prevent odours and can often be aired instead of being washed.
•    Have a full load when using the washing machine. Washing a half load is NOT sustainable.
•    Wash at lower temperatures. With today’s detergents you do not need to wash everything at 60 degrees. Most clothes will be clean if washed at 30 and 40 degrees. Also, not everything needs to be prewashed.
•    Use eco-friendly detergents, be sure to use the right amount and avoid the excessive use of fabric softener.
•    Remove stains as they occur, without washing the entire garment. Apply washing up liquid to greasy stains, leave for 10 minutes and rinse with tap water. Hold the stain directly under the tap with the inside against the spout. Rinse the stain vigorously with water.
•    Avoid using the tumble drier unnecessarily. Air drying saves your clothes as well as the environment. It is also a lot cheaper!
•    Thinking of buying a new washing machine or tumble drier? Check the energy rating, and ideally choose a machine that is A-rated.

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