10 tips for getting started and sticking with an exercise plan2015. Illustration: Pierre Robert Sport Collection sports underwear boxers and sports bra

10 tips for couch potatoes

Take the chance to start over in 2015. Follow our 10 tips for getting started and sticking to your exercise regime.  

1. Find a form of exercise that you like, and have fun. The most important thing is getting up and doing something active. Anything is better than nothing.
2. Exercise in the morning, then you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day. 
3. Exercise on the way home from work, it will help you dodge the temptation of your couch.
4. Buy new sportswear in bright, strong colours that inspire and energise you. 
5. Make arrangements to work out with friends, this makes it harder to avoid. 
6. Save time and exercise outdoors. You don’t need to waste time travelling to and from the sports centre – the session starts at your front door.
7. Set yourself a goal and track your progress. Use an app to keep a check on your results, and compete against yourself. 
8. When you really don't feel like exercising, put on your sportswear anyway. That way you've already taken the first step, and chances are you'll feel inspired, change your mind and work out after all.
9. Create a new, inspiring playlist especially for workouts.
10. Set realistic goals and targets, and reward yourself when you achieve them!

Pierre Robert Sport 2015



For our #LoveYourMoves competition, we asked for your most inspiring workout tunes. We compiled the best entries into a Wimp playlist and here’s the result. A little pop, a little rock and a couple of guilty pleasures.

Music that makes us happy and gets your feet moving – Have a good workout!


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