Our suppliers must comply with ethical guidelines on workers’ rights.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in sustainability, and have committed to ethical, social and environmental standards. 

There are many, complex challenges in the textile industry, but we strive to be transparent and responsible. Corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of our values and an important basis of Pierre Robert's business platform. In this section, you can read more about our commitment to corporate social responsibility, and how we're working to become more sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with our suppliers

To ensure compliance with our ethical guidelines, it's essential to maintain a close relationship with our suppliers. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At a mulesing-free farm

The mulesing of sheep continues to be common practice in Australia, but alternative solutions are becoming increasingly popular. We visited a mulesing-free sheep farm.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our environmental focus

Our environmental policy:

Operations in the Pierre Robert Group are managed so that alongside our partners, we continually focus on improving the economic, social and environmental impact of our business. Continual maintenance and improvement work throughout the entire value chain is a precondition for achieving our environmental objectives. Our objectives should guide our staff and partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Chemical regulations.

The use of chemicals in products and packaging is regulated by the Pierre Robert Group’s chemical regulations which are in accordance with, or even stricter than EU regulations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Choice of packaging

 At Pierre Robert Group we want to reduce our environmental impact and are continually searching for new types of packaging.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Green Dot Norway

Pierre Robert is a member of Green Dot Norway.

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